We at the Snoring and Sleep Apnea Treatment Center strive to offer all patients the most appropriate treatments. Whether this is CPAP/BiPAP, oral appliances, behavioral therapy, or surgery, our goal is to relieve your sleep apnea symptoms in the most effective, noninvasive manner possible so that you can get the benefits of nourishing sleep and enjoy a long healthy life. We are skilled in all areas of sleep apnea treatment, but our specialty is dental sleep medicine.

Our goal is to help you sleep soundly, so you can avoid the health risks that come with sleep apnea. High blood pressure, stroke, depression, and many other dangers of sleep apnea can be diminished or removed with appropriate sleep apnea treatment. Our treatment goals include improving your quality of life through focused therapy and creative treatment options.

Sleep apnea is defined as the cessation of breathing during sleep for at least 10 seconds, and at least 5 times in an hour.
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“I like to think of my patients as though they were members of my family. I want them to have the quality of care they can appreciated and I would expect for myself or my family. That’s why I try to stay current with the latest findings in the field of dentistry, sleep apnea, and neuromuscular dentistry. My patients deserve every advantage possible.”—Dr Ira L. Shapira, DDS, FICCMO

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